Monday, 25 February 2008

Andy Millar

Kali, Andy's longtime companion.

Andy Millar, long time resident of Azogires who died in August 2007, was remembered by his friends on 24 February, a sunny but very windy Sunday afternoon.

Several of those attending remarked that Andy would have enjoyed the ceremony, even though it did start over an hour late leading to comments along the lines of

“Typical of Andy, even late for his own memorial service!”

After the brief service by the graveside, kept short because of the risk of falling tree branches, those present adjourned to the Alpha where Andy was commemorated in a way so appropriate for him; with good food, good conversation and good fellowship.

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Anonymous said...

If the sad news has just got to know here.
Andy was a long-standing friend of me, he has influenced my life very much, we have lost a very dear person!
We will see again!
I will hold you always in recollection!
Slàinte, Sven Jähnke