Tuesday, 30 December 2008


It was a wonderful early evening with 6 or 7 diferent types of Christmas puddings and 5 diferent main dishes. Why do I mention the sweets first?? Well because they were International sweets and we had Irish, German, English and even Greek goodies on that table accompanied by nice soft Christmas music and great company. Eeveryone there enjoyed themselves and all promised to return next year for this traditional party. Unfortunately some people that we would have wanted to be there were unable to make it for various reasons.
However, we wish everyone Merry Christmas And a Happy NewYear.

For this coming Year we wish you all happiness, health and prosperity.
Remember, in spite of the economic crisis that may not allow many people to make the vacation they wanted to this summer, no matter what happens keep on smiling ! ......And don't forget, Azogires means 'life for ever' - that's our logo.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Azogires Raki - Brings the dead to life again!

The medicinal properties of Azogires Raki were demonstrated yet again in Carshalton, South London, on 27 December 2008.
As part of the by now world infamous "Isn't bloody xmas over yet?" Tourette by The (Insert Name Here) Mummers, The Turkish Knight, having been killed by St George in a most dastardly fashion, was brought back to life by a generous tot of Azogires Village Raki.
After three such killings and rebirths, each involving the consumption of far too much Azogires Raki, the Turkish Knight was last seen skipping down Carshalton High Street waving a plastic chicken around his head and singing a very rude song about a goat.
[The (Insert Name Here) Mummers are a group of men based in South London, who perform traditional English Mumming plays and whose avowed intent is to take mumming out of the schools and put it back in the gutter where it belongs. Their association with Azogires goes back as far as last Tuesday and they weren't invited to the Raki making party either.]

Sunday, 14 December 2008


As in every previous year for the past 100 years, the distillary again did its magic in Azogires. For one more time the traditions were honoured, for one more time the Raki was made and for one more time everybody got pissed drunk.

That's what it's all about ???

Not quite; it's about getting together, having fun, enjoying yourselves and learning more about patience. Patience because that's what's required while the Raki comes out drip by drip by drip - that's what it's all about. In the meantime we cook potatoes, chestnuts, meat and even marshmellows - as my grandfather used to say "You can't eat on an empty stomach. " Or was it the other way round? Doesn't really matter, what matters is to be there with friends and family enjoying the mystical fumes and aromas coming from the pot.

Thursday, 11 December 2008


Yes, you heard right, its not just another Azogires a rumour, it's 100% true!

Just a few weeks ago in Azogires we had the Second International Winter Backgammon contest with contestants from 8 different countries all playing with great humour - and if that was not enough they had their very own Chestnut cook in Jessica Hale who made the best roasted Chestnuts I ever had.

1st prize winner was David Hale
2nd prize winner was Canadian Peter
3rd prize winner was Sakis from Lebanon

But this was not enough for our players who were hungry for more blood and demanded that we had a another competition - and so we did.

Once more they fought for their lives and tried to take each others heads off -they succeded! (Sorry, I'm in a bloodthirsty mood today!)

1st prize winner was Canadian Peter
2nd prize winner was David Hale
3rd prize winner was Sakis from Lebanon

(I know it all that sounds familiar but some people are unbeatable, although they did come close to losing to Horst Schaab and Martin Strellow! )