Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The First International Cooking Competition of Azogires

Last sunday in Azogires, all housewives, as well as housemen, were very busy. So busy they didn't even came out of their houses, until .......it was showtime!
They all came on the street as if it was a showdown on an old wildwild west cowboy movie, in stead of wearing pistols they were packing trays with food. Some of the most delicious meals ever made in this village, made with love, patience, attention and lots and lots of stress in order for them to be number 1. For those of you who don't understand what we were talking about; it was the first International Cooking Competition of Azogires. I personally had the honour to be one of the judges, as well as 2 others. One was the well known Horst Schaab who himself is an expert chef, trained by his loving mother, since he was 6 years old. Until he was 10, he knew everything about food, so we couldn't have had a better taster. And the third mister George from Kefalonia, he on the other hand probably is not an outstanding cook. But all his life he has been tasting some of the finest cooking of his mama.
There were 7 competitors, 6 different nationalities. And 7 of the greatest dishes in the world. First prize was Anastasia Tsouroufli, who made great soutzoukakia, 2nd prize was the loving Ioanna who made the tastiest sweet pancakes ever, third prize was my mother, but she made it clear from the beginning, that she did not want to win, so her prize went to Yanni from norway with the tastiest Quacomoli ever. 4th was Arthur Jarvis from England with a typical londresian meal of mashed potatoe, with beef and green peas, and heart shaped pasteries, putting his wife Diana3 on 5th place, she said she will never forgive him. And from now on he sleeps in the tool shed (that they don't have build yet..).

The competition was sponsored by the Koukoutsakis family, Alfa Enterprices. The winners each, received an title, as well as an monetary contribution. And everyone else got free drinks and off course loads of free tasty food!