Saturday, 18 December 2010


Forgive me for not updating the blog in a long long time but Ive been up to 1000 chores .Ill start from October when we had the grape picking in Azogires .Mr.Gerard a very respected business man from Holland ,came all the way to Azogires to do the grape picking and the grape stumpping .He had help from the recently arrived lady from Uk Anne .They stumped treaded and barreled the grapes all ready for raki,it was a spectacular experience we call grape therapy.Then came time to make the Raki??yes I know time to drink it too as we did indeed. Karolina and Craig came all the way from Malia to participate in raki therapy which is quite effective, we had souvlakis potatoes chestnuts and ofcourse raki people sat around the fire romanticaly watching the flames and getting drunk .Others fell off the plateau others fell in ditches others just went on drinking until morning,but nobody got seriously hurt.And we all enjoyed our traditional Cretan evening of mass raki consuption .The most important part of the evening was when we had a suprise entry from my uncle Yiannis Paterakis as he told us stories of the past , as he has taken part in many raki evenings, it was an amazing experience.It took me a week to sober up and start laying the olive nets.We had volunteers all the way from Denmark Mr. Mikkel and his Wife helped us lay out and clear the fields .It was all to much for me and I was sleeping on the job so they didnt pay me ,since then its been olive picking every several weeks .One of my most favorite working therapys.Then came the Snow ,after having warm and sunny days.It arrived like a shock snow everywhere about a centemeter thick .I was so pleased to see winter and I enjoyed every minute of it.This is where I must leave you and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us in Azogires, with love.