Thursday, 3 March 2011


The past few months have been a bit hard in Azogires I will start by telling you that the river became so high this winter that it made the main road in to a second river right thru the middle of the town .Not to mention that olive trees and 200 year old stone walls came tumbling down like paper ,but Azogires is still intact and in one peace .Weve had hale 3 times this year , one of those times the hale reached egg size and literaly thrased everything .But again no serious damages done,like in Kountoura where they had 3 million euros worth of damage on the greenhouses. Azogires got away with it ,with just a few fallen leaves .Which the other 2 situations were not the same , the first took place on 7th October around 2 in the afternoon causing serious damages to the Azogires olive crop and the second just about a week and a half ago, late evening after a day of clear blue sky the street was just filled with hale,and here is the odd part of this story both times there was a Gentlemen visiting our village .To speak more clear he came to visit us twice in two diferent years and both of the times he visited we had serious hale storms, so I've added a photo of this rather charming and smiling Gentlemen, that he may be recognized wherever he goes.Locals have started to refer to him as Mr.catastrophy .I on the other hand sugested that he go and sell his services to rich Arabic countries with vast deserts ,cause he is guarenteed to bring hale storms, wherever he goes ,therefore he can bring life to dried out areas .Ps all of the above is not a joke it happend in Azogires.