Friday, 31 August 2012

Monday, 27 August 2012


The theatrical team of paleochora ,made a surpise visit to Azogires on Sunday night for a friendly chat and a cool drink these very talented and kind hearted children ,not only have a bright future in the movie business but also give away every penny they earn to PHILANTHROPIC causes , I personally think we should give them all our support and love for they are the living example that children care and love the world they live in

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


On one of the hottest days in July 3 brave people walked al the way to Azogires enjoying the beautifull mountainviews and the sight of Azogires. Little did they now? that just 8 hours later they would be lost in the heart of it without water and with the mobilephone as their only hope. They walked to Azogires with great joy in their hearts cause even though some people write in certain books not to walk to Azogires along the road, cause it is hot and sunny, it's not true. It is a beautifull 6 km walk that leaves you stunning.
Any way to get back to our story, after they visited the monastery they started to walk the path to Anidri. But.. cause of wrong markings they went the wrong way and they kept walking and walking and walking down into the most wild landscape of Azogires. Till their water runned out, untill their hope died and until they realized that they were lost. At once they phoned their tourist operator who allerted the authorities. I had just returned from the waterfall, after having had a cooling swim. And I see a white jeep with a sirine on top. They were the citizens protection group of Paleochora-Selinou. A group who is funded in order to protect and to rescue visitors and citizens of this area. From my cafe the rescue operstion started. Since we did not know where they were lost I went downhill and Ioanna with her rescue dog Capone went uphill. As Clinton the orange and white dog that you see on the picture, stayd home to watch the fort. When I was down the police was already there searching along the road for signs of life.And finally we heard a woman saying hello hello, and we knew where they were. I took my walking stick, binoculairs and off course my feet with sandals on and walked over bushes to reach them. we found first the woman, who was in good health and further the men. After making a brief meeting it was understood, we could not carry them up, it was too steep, too hot and too dangerous.Ioanna with the brave Capone, came down with water that gave them life again. We went all slowly up through Oleander bushes to the more civilised area of Azogires. My father, the firedepartment and the medics came straight to us. And succesfully everyone was rescued barely with a scratch. a few days later we met the people in our cafe and we realized they were so nice we would be honered to rescue them again a big thanks to everyone who made this operation a success.