Thursday, 27 June 2013


We the people of Azogires would like to say thank you to Horst Schaab And his wife Anna Maria , two active members of our  Village .for their love towards our community .And their every day devotion to making our Village a better place to live in,their latest donation and most valuable is the construction of wooden Trash cans,that will be placed on diferent positions along pathways ,monuments ,and Churches.This will help the Village to stay more clean and more organized .

The president of the Azogires Cultural association.
Ευτυχιος Κουκουτσακης.
and the members of the commitee

Thursday, 20 June 2013


The Azogires Cultural Association put out an announcement asking for volunteers to come and help clean the streets of Azogires. Many promised to come, but less then 10 came. Those who did come were brave, curagious people, who actually care how the environment around them is. And they actually want a cleaner planet for all. They came at sunday at 10 am. Some were using their own vehicles, and some on foot. They managed to collect 3 dumpsters full, of bottles, cigaret-packets and things you can't even imagine. They bravely climbed down hills, and riscfully put their hands inside spikey bushes, to even get the last piece of plastic out. We appologize for not having pictures of all, cause we were all busy making Azogires a better place to live in. And less busy trying to record this historical event. A very special thank you to my parents, Antonis and Harriet Koukoutsakis, for feeding us all. and providing all the drinks we had. As good sponsors would. Also a very special thank you to A Gerard van der Meer, for the use of his cars that day, B to Horst and Annamarie Schaab, for the use of their car and for Horsts trashbags, also for participating and collecting under the hot sun. C to Ullrich and Gabi Deutschman for cleaning the road to the monastery, and climbing down the hills below the monastery to collect decades old trash. D to Yanni from Norway, who went together with Horst walking all the way to Asfendiles, and not even leaving a cigaret bud on that road. E to Martin Webster, who joined me all the way down to Paleochora and who noticed, that one gentleman has been throwing repeatedly his old hollborn tobacco packets along our road. F to George Tsourouflis for driving from Achladiakies to Azogires, and joining me down to Paleochora, G to Harold Qhrn, for sitting in the back of the car, and spotting every little piece of trash, from Achladiakies all the way down to the crossroad. Thanks to his strong legs, he ran faster, and we finished 2 hours earlier. H to Sissy Panegiotto, for holding the fort, and making sure we had a ready table to sit on, and enjoy our free sponsored lunch. We hope that all Greece will copy what we did. And that they will do it every year and in every village, and every town, nation wide. To make a better tomorrow for us, our children and the thousands of guests who come every year.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


               Ανοικτή  πρόσκληση
Ο Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Αζωγυρέ οργανώνει την Κυριακή 16-06 , τον καθαρισμό της κεντρικής αρτηρίας Αζωγυρε Παλαιωχωρας, Αζωγυρε Αχλαδιακες, Αζωγυρε Ασφεντιλες, και των γύρω δρόμων.
 Παρακαλούμε για την πολύτιμη συμμετοχή σας,  ώρα έναρξης  10 πμ.
Πληροφορίες στο τηλ. 6972138588
Ο πρόεδρος και το συμβούλιο.

Open invitation, the Azogires Cultural association is organizing on Sunday the 16th  the cleaning of the main street of Azogires and the side roads. In order to make this possible we need volunteers, so we ask for your assistance, start time is 10 am in the center of the village.  For more information you can call on 6972138588, join us and help us make life better for locals and visitors alike.
The President and the committee.

Sunday, 2 June 2013


A group of descendents of New Zealand soldiers came to Azogires on May the 9th. 2 Mini bus loadsof heart warming active good hearted people. They arrived on Crete several days before and started on monday the 6th several days of commemoration gatherings. The first one was at Sougia War museum, many people came together to see and learn about the brave people who in World War II said NO to slavery, and YES to freedom. The next day they went to Tripiti by boat, and posted a plaque to honour the people of Western Crete for the sacrefices they made in providing save heaven for numerous Australian, New Zealand, British and Cypriot soldiers between 1941 and 1945. The last group of these soldiers was evacuated from Tripiti by the Royal Navy on 7 and 8th May of 1943. Erected in graditude by the families of the evacuees. The next day they went to Koustogerako, and held a service at the main War monument of the village. For Koustogerako we will have never enough monuments, because throughout the centories it has been the torch of freedom, the village itself has been burnt down 3 times in the past 700 years. The last one being in 1943.

 And on thursday they honoured us with their presence in our very own village of Azogires. They were greeted Cretan style by the locals, who welcomed them with open arms. The reason they came to our village was to have several excursions to the local War museum at the monastery, to the neighbourhood of Pateriana, in order to visit the house of Pateraki Angeliki, where she and her father hid an allyed soldier by the name of Arthur Pauling, or as they baptised him; Leftheris. So local informents would not be able to tell they had him there. He stayed with them for almost 2 years, and became literally part of the family.The son of Angeliki, Yannis Paterakis greeted them with a bottle of raki and local ecological walnuts. It was very emotional for them, and a little bit the feeling of the past. A touch of the strong raki brought them to a trance of emotions and joy.

 The other group headed for the neighbourhood Koukoutsiana, to visit the church of Saint John the hermit, and the grave of Sophia and Eftihis Koukoutsakis, for 2 reasons; a; Sophia Paterakis Koukoutsakis was a little girl at Koustogerako in 1943, the day the group of Nazi soldiers entered and burnt the village to the ground, gathering all the women and children inside a house and pouring diesel on it, to burn them literally alive. Although they were trained to kill, inside them there was still a human. And when the women and children started to scream; 'Don't burn us like animals, kill us better', that's when they let them out, and led them to nearby patio. Placing them in an excecution line. That's when young Sophia attacked the excecutioner, fought with him, brought him to the ground, hit him with a stone in the head, took his machine gun, and led about 30 surviving women and children to safety. As the allied soldiers and local guerillas had opened fire up on the enemy. She herself got seriously injured, but made it out alive.

 the second reason was; Eftihis Koukoutsakis, also a resistance fighter of the time, during World War II period, had hid in a mountain cave a New Zealand

soldier, by the name of Len Frazer, who was the father of Ian Frazer, co-author of the very detailed book 'On the Run'. Afterwords they went to visit the carved cave of Azogires, which served as fortresses during Turkish occupation and watchtowers during World War II. The most brave actually climbed up to the caves, while the rest of us relaxed, enjoyed the view and admired their bravery to climb so high. It was a day we, the Azogirians would never forget. We could keep writing about it, another year. And it wouldn't be enough. I as the president of the Azogires Cultural Association, will say on behalf of all the villagers that they are always welcomed to come back for we felt that we spend the day with our own family members.