Wednesday, 17 October 2012


 With great success the 10th International Backgammon Championship in Memory of Andrew Millar, a man who we all loved, took place in Azogires.
A contest that was founded 10 years ago today from myself, my grandfather Eftihis Koukoutsakis, who is not longer with us and Andrew Gordon Millar. It was his idea actually. Me and my grandfather, we just liked to play backgammon and eat popcorn.
Although he was from Scotland and he was not a Koukoutsakis my grandparents always refered to him as 'pedimou' which means 'my child'. The years he was coming here since 1976, he was practicly raised by my grandmother as one of her own. And that's what makes us love and honour Andrew Millar every year in his favorite village, Azogires by playing backgammon, eating popcorn and consuming loads of Raki. Long lives his memory

Some people this year decided to spill this memory and hold a totally illigal backgammon competition in Paleochora with only 3 players.., so that they could win the Andrew Millar trophy cup. Causing a big problem and many people not to come to the 10th historical championship, but those who were loyal to the memory of Andrew Millar were here. Neil and Julie for example traveled all the way from England, just for this occasion and they arranged all their work and their vacation around the days of the championship. Never the less it was a great success. 5 different nationalities, 2 judges and off course our security guard who makes sure that no one cheats. He does this by drinking his head away or eating popcorn. Many spectators came from time to time to witness this historical event. First prize winner was Monica Michna from Texel of Holland, 2nd prize winner was our very own champion Arthur Jarvis from manchester of Great Britain. 3rd prize winner was my good friend Neil Brothers and for the constellation tournament, I was the winner of the loosers. 2nd prize winner following was the one and only Paul Hunter and 3rd prize winner was my beloved sister Julie Griffiths. They all received titles and prizes. The prizes were sponsored by the Alpha Cafe. A special thank you to the judges, Martin Elliot ann Billborough, and to our security guard Martin Webster. But most importantly a very big thank you for the people behind the scenes, my mother Harriet, who make the best popcorn of the year, my father Tony and the one and only Ioanna. Who coordinated everything and even took pictures.