Sunday, 11 August 2013


With great success ,the eleventh backgammon championship took place.In memory of Andrew Gordon Millar ,A man who loved to play this ancient game,that has its roots more then five thousand years back, from the ancient Greeks-Somarians -Egyptians and Romans. A game that was  played  always by  all classes of the Greeks ,but only by the upper class and the royals  of Europe,and the rest of the world .All the way until the 1960 s , when it was introduced to the general public , and it flew like a rocket .In all homes ,parties ,festivals etc .Backgammon became the number one game  of the 20th century,now going to the 21st backgammon  fans and athletes are taking the game to new levels. And giving the success it actually deserves .
For us in Azogires its not only a hobby its nearly a religion and a way of life, all winter long the boards are clacking every single night in the taverna ,and the players play every game as if its their last for they are one with the dice.
This years championship went more then well ,and every one enjoyed my mother popcorn My father Antonis sponsored our cash prizes ,and for that  I thank him very much .Also a very big thank you for all those players,visitors  and judges, for coming together and helping me make this possible to honor the memory of the late Andrew Millar .

I think its worth mentioning that for the first time in 11 years  we had a large number of Greek players joining our  Tournament ,which brings great joy to our hearts    , for it shows us that they also approve  of our actions .Until next year I hope we will have more contestants  and all of you out there who wish to compete you better start practicing .

Friday, 2 August 2013