Sunday, 21 September 2008


It was more than 100 years ago that this tradition had its place in the Cretan family.
On Crete, as well as in mainland Greece, your Names Day is more important than your birthday, so the old Cretan ladies, instead of buying gifts like they do today, used to make
something known as the ΞΕΡΟΤΙΓΑΝΟ-XEROTIGAN. This is a cake, somewhat similar to the ones they make today for Greek weddings and baptisms, but in a larger form and they would dress it with wildflowers and other good looking things.
This year on my Name Day my Aunt Georgia from Asfendiles brought this tradition back to life just for me.
It is said that they bring good luck and happiness to your house and I guess I will find out this coming year!
You can view the treat on the above photos - don't forget you may not see another one for the rest of your life.