Tuesday, 26 August 2008


The seventh international Azogires Backgammon contest took place on the 16 of August in loving memory of Andrew Millar. We had contestents from 8 different countries and it was very sucesfull event.
First prize winner was Pete from Canada and second prize winner was Sakis from Lebanon, both veterans of the Azogires tournament

In the Consolation round, with what I call Women power, winners included first time player Linda from England and 11 year old Jessica, who shocked everyone by nearly defeating the three times Champion Sakis.
They all receved a title and a prize and promised to re-enter the competition next year.
Note: if anyone wants to purchase a copy of the above Backgammon board, they can do so in Paleochora behind the Agricultural Bank in "Only Natural."
(Final Note; No information has been received as to where Lucky finished in the competition.)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


We had an invasion from the Lebadas - Wolfgang and AnnaMaria that is -who have been coming to our village as long as they can remember. (Not to mention that they actually lived here back in the 80s for quite a long while and survived!)
All their children have Ancient Greek names and we hope to see them again next year following their return back home to Austria.


We had a suprise visit the other day from Mr. Ray, another blogger from Crete. He has the blogspot:

Crete, The Island In The Wine Dark Sea. (There's a link to it on the right hand side.)
He said to me "I was so amazed of the stories in your blog, I had to come and see for myself !"
I told him that I too am by amazed of his work and I hope to see more bloggers here in Azogires in the future