Saturday, 21 May 2011


With joy I would like to inform you of a wedding, that took place in Azogires.The Village of Koukoutsakis worldwide ,Kaliopi Koukoutsakis came all the way, from Athens to join with the love of her life Nikos Stagakis.Her proud parents Vangelis and Athina Koukoutsakis arrived two whole weeks earlier with a huge crew ,to help them make it all possible. We were all thrilled to hear that she will move permanately back to Crete. The wedding ceremony was unlike any other I have ever seen ,only from Athens arrived about 200 people besides the loacals who stormed the Azogires countryside drunk with joy and happiness, the party started on Friday night and finished on Sunday.The actual wedding took place, on Saturday afternoon at the Monastery of the 99 Holy Fathers ,it was such a posh wedding that even the waiters and chefs arrived from Athens ,we were served by the same people ,who used to work at the famous Ecali club

.It was amazingly modern and prototype for Cretan standards ,but at the same time, so very tradittionally Creten.There was a band of Creten Musicians who led the bride all the way to the Church ,followed by the best man's company ,it was the greatest time of my life, I wish them a healthy and wealthy life ,full with joy and happiness !.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


It was one of the most spectacular events of this year .Even though Greece is undergoing a crisis , at the moment, Azogires Easter was not effected.

The night sky was lighted with firecrackers ,as if it was daytime.Visitors came from all over Greece ,to see this event. After people took the Holy Light to their houses ,they came down to the cafe to enjoy the tradittional Greek Easter specialities.Like mageiritsa and cheese kalitsounia ,I must admit we got drunk,but !!! not from the wine it was the Azogires effect of joy.