Friday, 15 October 2010


This year's festival of St. John the Hermit was more than spectacular ,we had wonderfull weather and great people .All the way from Malia we had Karolina and Martina two beautifull girls who made the sky brighter and with their beautifull smiles made a joyful atmosphere there were about 100 visitors who came in honor of the Miracoulous Saint others praying for health purposes and others for personal and economical reasons ,no matter what they prayed for they all said that they are more then satisfied of the outcome ,and that they will return next year to honor the Hermit .Who has helped them at least once in their lives,many of the worhipers brought with them Artos, Holy Bread as an offering and they give it away peace by peace As for the Koukoutsakis Family they made a barbeque ,Antonis Koukoutsakis and his wife Harriet !Yes my parents cooked juicy and tender steaks for everyone. Pavlos and Yiannis Koukoutsakis gave out sweets, cheese pies and other delicacies. And all the way from Temenia Mr .Giorgos Lazopoulakis brought some of his very own strong red wine ,just like Manolis Giakoumakis did ,he drank and told us of the old and good days when he also was a resident of Azogires as a child. How crazy and proud the Azogirians were ,and how hospitable and warm hearted .Stories that make our hearts break .Hope to see you to next year on this unique and truly traditional festival on 8th October I added some photos of the cave that was Saint Johns home ,cause I fell in love with the hanging birds nest on the caves ceiling you can still see the stone built bed that he slept on. Its a very spiritual place to be ,the energy is amazing.


Yet another miracle took place in this years festival of the 99 Holy fathers and the villagers say its not the first time .Normally every year around the days of the festival it rains there for causing the worshipers to get into their cars and drive away but this year the 99 had different plans .It rained after the festival was over and the people were on their way home , with not even one drop of rain on their heads,then it started hale ,rain ,and wind flodding nearly every house in the village .The hale chopped every leaf on every tree and dropped more then 40% of the crop of olives on the ground ,the grapes were as if they were inside a blender and much more catastrophys took place So we can truly say this was a miracle cause if it would have rained when the festival was taking place there would have been chaos .

Friday, 1 October 2010


It was a sunny summer day when we had a visit from two top models ,all the way from Germany Ines and Ingred spent their holidays, in our paradise village and did not mind to

make a photo shoot for the local photographers Martyn Eliot and Martin Webster .And it was an honour for our cafe to be the photo site ,we thank them very much and hope to see them once more for more photography to take place.Special thanks to Martin for lending us his motorbikes for the photo shoot .