Saturday, 29 August 2009

Latest Tavli competition -

8 different nationalities were represented in this years contest held on Sunday 23 August.

The tournament, held in commemoration of Andy Millar, a former resident of Azogires, started on 1 pm finished at 8 in the evening. Competition was intense for the first prize of a trophy, to be held by the winner for a year, and additional prizes of local olive oil and raki.

After a fiercely fought contest, during which Eftihis (Lucky) Koukoutakis failed to live up to his name and, in his own words, "…got my ass kicked: twice”, the first prize went to Sakis, shown above, from Lebanon with the second and third prizes going to Ildiko from Hungary and Martin from Germany respectively.

Lucky’s donkey is recovering well; the rumoured assault on him being the result of a minor failure of English/Greek translation.