Friday, 17 April 2015

It’s been a long cold and rainy winter for the residents of  Azogires   the village has had difficult times , and the area has suffered  from landslides excessive rain fall and strong winds .
But despite the difficulties the people of Azogires remained strong and active , they all have continued working for a better tomorrow most tried to make their personal environments better and cleaner others dedicated this winter to making the village look better ,either by planting trees clearing fields and bringing agriculture back to life thus creating jobs making it possible for people to survive in our community , the Azogires Church committee has done its part by making all Churches cleaner and more functional by  repairing all damages to them and their surrounding    areas , making it ready and accessible  for both worshipers and visitors  .
The Azogires Cultural Association has also  done its part , by uniting the residents and with them  moving forward for a better tomorrow  by clearing pathways building benches cleaning clogged ditches and gutters so  the water can flow freely ,and soon we will start white washing and painting the sides of the roads to make the village  even prettier .

But we have not stopped there , in the past month alone we have participated , awarded and honored, our martyred ancestors  , at first our president and members of our committee took part in the ceremony of 25th of march , which is the Greek independence day , we honored our ancestors and all those who fought for freedom by being at the monument of Paleochora and along with other official authorities placed a reef of flowers in front of the monument symbolizing that freedom will leave on .   
Then on the 2nd of April,   our president and members of our association came together to and attended the gathering of ROTARY CLUB OF CHANIA. In order to Present an award title to the ROTARIAN CLUB OF CHANIA, and to their president  EMMANUEL DELAKIS . For their 30 and more years of charitable services  to our society- worldwide , Mr. DELAKIS has dedicated his life to charity thus working many hours every day ,and sometimes even in the nights  in order to make it all possible , thanks to him and the ROTARIANS of Chania  and around the world ,  many outbursts  of disease and hunger have been stopped or prevented .
That is why our association thought that it would be an honor for us, to honor them. And indeed it is the first time in history that (A CULTURAL ASSOCIATION) has taken such a privilege and for this we  feel honored.
After we presented the awards, the Rotary Club went on to present awards on the same day to RYAN AIRLINES , for their assistance in bringing last year alone nearly one million passengers to Chania airport , for this matter there were speeches and of course  requests that in future the company would ad more flights, from other European countries to our destination to boost  our economy and help  stimulate and strengthened  tourism  .
On the 15th of April our president was at the book exhibition of Stavros Polentas that took place in Chania at the meeting hall of the Bank of Chania  , Mr. POLENTAS  has dedicated  his time to help preventing  car accidents in our country , and also founded the  Helenian association of support for families of car accident victims , he has also built the  international park (POLENTAS PARK ) Near Chania that is recognized by the UNITED NATIONS .
And this monumental park stands next to the road reminding every one of the dangers that  the wheel hides  , his association is the only one that  actually helps the families of victims after the accident and guides them thru the many windows of Greek law , so that they may find some  harmony in their hearts .And that is what his  book is about , on this little guide that will be given for free from municipalities and other official authorities to families of victims who would like to know their rights and wish to really uncover the truth .

We promise our members that we will continue hard work and try to make life ea

sier for both man and nature.