Saturday, 6 August 2011


I have lost three good friends this year and it breaks my heart.

I have finally found the courage to say something because it is my duty to remember those who cared for me as one of their own. In the beginning of the year I lost my dear friend Sam Reed. Author of the book FRACTURED DREAMS AND SUNFLOWERS, he was a man who made me laugh every single minute. He was next to me with his wonderful stories and his amazingly clever jokes; he will remain in my heart for life.

Early in the summer Lynne Tait, co author of TEN WALKS AROUND PALECHORA, and another books of walks in our wild Cretan mountains, passed away. She had walked every gorge, every hill and every valley of our area. She was the brightest star of tourist information on Crete, while at the same time she kept her self away hidden in the Cretan mountains where she and her husband had built a beautiful house, practically on their own.

Finally, less then a month ago Madame Anna Fistarol, a lady with class and honour, who always made me feel happy and relaxed, passed away.

I am sure that all three are sitting above the clouds and keeping an eye on the rest of us