Monday, 27 February 2012


It was Saturday when a gang of musicians showed up in Alfa Cafe for a drunken afternoon A,K,A a warm up before the well known Paleochora Carival and they rocked Azogires, they even had a Banjo with .All I

can say is music to my ears it was amazing they made our hearts warm .Thanks guys

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Its been a hard winter in Azogires ,not only due to the economical status of this Country but also due to the harsh winter that has followed .The paradise village has been so cold that you might be able to call it santas land ,but offcourse nothing lasts for ever here the cold is only temporaly ,and the rain will go away it still is sunny everyday and it still is a beautifull place to explore .I my self have had a chance to visit places such as you will see in the photos and for the first time I had time to enjoy them , the views the fresh air , and the Azogires spiritual aura.We made a snow man ? yes we had to go and steal the snow from Temenia cause we didnt have any, but we had fun doing it and we made the Alfa man who melted in the same evening like chocolate in the sun.I also had a chance with Joanna to go and visit the Azogires highlands as you might call them and we had a pic ninc , up there by one of my familys old cheese factorys ,yes the Koukoutsakis where sheperds as I am today and they had loads of sheep and Goats they had two small tirokomia a,k,a mountain cheese huts a cheese factory of the old and much brighter Cretan days ,the family man would stay up there for days and the women would visit them once a week they would milk the animals dayli and make fresh chesse right there and then they they would store the cheese inside underground caves the well known Cretan tripes , until some of them would load the cheese on to donkeys mules horses , or in most occasions on their bare back and safely get it back to the city to sell and consume milk was a valuable asset to Cretan economy .I also thought to go out and find the third water sistern down by the river that used to collect water for the higher flour mill that belonged to Gabriel papagrigorakis our local priest of those days and he formed a comitee leaving all his land to Azogires for the progress and good well being of this Village since then Azogires has had roads made jobs created nad much more thanks to him ,if you go back on my blog a few years you can read more about him , it was hard work cuting away all the bushes that kept it well hidden like and anceint Inkas temple inside the deep forests of south America but I was satisfied with the result as you can see now its another monument for Azogires visitors to see and enjoy that was kept well hidden for more then 90 years behind bushes