Sunday, 14 December 2008


As in every previous year for the past 100 years, the distillary again did its magic in Azogires. For one more time the traditions were honoured, for one more time the Raki was made and for one more time everybody got pissed drunk.

That's what it's all about ???

Not quite; it's about getting together, having fun, enjoying yourselves and learning more about patience. Patience because that's what's required while the Raki comes out drip by drip by drip - that's what it's all about. In the meantime we cook potatoes, chestnuts, meat and even marshmellows - as my grandfather used to say "You can't eat on an empty stomach. " Or was it the other way round? Doesn't really matter, what matters is to be there with friends and family enjoying the mystical fumes and aromas coming from the pot.


Mediterranean kiwi said...

i went to a 'kazani' too, but your one looks more exciting and traditional - great stuff!

Nog Bad The Improbable said...

I would just like to point out to all those readibng this that, unlike those that were invited to attend the orgy, I wasn't "pissed drunk."

(Mind you, that's cause I wasn't there 'cause I wasn't invited....had I been there it might have been a differeent matter but oh no, I wasn't invited....not that I'm upset 'cause I wasn't invited.)

Ps Just 'cause I'm not in Crete at the moment is no reason not to invite me to your party but I'm not upset that I didn't get an invite.

harribobs said...

it looked like a great party!! i would have loved to have been there!