Tuesday, 30 December 2008


It was a wonderful early evening with 6 or 7 diferent types of Christmas puddings and 5 diferent main dishes. Why do I mention the sweets first?? Well because they were International sweets and we had Irish, German, English and even Greek goodies on that table accompanied by nice soft Christmas music and great company. Eeveryone there enjoyed themselves and all promised to return next year for this traditional party. Unfortunately some people that we would have wanted to be there were unable to make it for various reasons.
However, we wish everyone Merry Christmas And a Happy NewYear.

For this coming Year we wish you all happiness, health and prosperity.
Remember, in spite of the economic crisis that may not allow many people to make the vacation they wanted to this summer, no matter what happens keep on smiling ! ......And don't forget, Azogires means 'life for ever' - that's our logo.


Anonymous said...

Its good of Alpha to take in the needy at xmas and feed them at least they dressed well for the occasion. You will be rewarded in heaven. Ha Ha Looked like a good day was had by all. Irish Colleen.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

a toast to azogires then !
happy new year from vamvakopoulo

Anonymous said...

happy new year lucky and to all at alpha kafenion .xmas pictuers very good plenty of food and drink on table from dollie john ireland