Friday, 22 February 2008

First Winter International Backgammon Competition NOT canceled!

The first Azogires Winter International Backgammon contest was held in less than perfect weather conditions on Sunday 17 February 2008 in the Alpha Kafenion.

Even though the snow was the heaviest in living memory, a talented team of international players braved the elements to get there and were greeted by Mayor of Eastern Selino who stopped by to check on things.

Winner of the first prize, all the way from Germany, was Martin Strellow, well known local artist and former reporter. Second prize went to Kerstin from Sweden and third to Sakis from Libya.

Sakis is also 3 times first prize winner of the Azogires Summer International backgammon contest.

Also taking part were players from Canada, England and Crete.

It is not recorded what place Lucky came in at.

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