Saturday, 1 March 2008

The trees, the trees!

The legacy of the snow continues to persist long after the snow itself has disappeared.

Those who have driven around Azogires on the back roads will be aware of the hazard presented by the stakes used to support olive nets. When these stakes are driven into banks on the side of the road and left sticking out at an angle into the road, they can make very effective devices for stripping paint from the sides of cars! Now added to the stripping stakes are the olive barricades!

The weight of the snow on 18 February had a disastrous effect on many olive trees in the area with many branches being broken off and the hills around have echoed, for the last week or so, with the merry sound of chain saws as the farmers try to bring some sort of order to the chaos.

Until it’s sorted, be careful how you drive on the back roads!

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