Wednesday, 16 October 2013


This years 3 day festival had a different blanket.
Every year the festival of the 99 Holy Fathers and St. John the Hermit 
was A great ceremony  ,for locals And visitors alike, for over 300 years this 3 day celebration has brought thousands of people together with two common causes A to Honor the memory of the 99 .And B to take part on the all night the October  eating and  dancing party .

But this year some villagers had a vision ,a vision for a better society  and thats when they came to the Azogires Cultural Association , who took them under its wing and organized the festival for Charity purposes . Cretes most famous musician Manolis Kontaros came to play for us and hundreds of people followed the road was jammed with the dancers and the party finished at 5 am , We managed to gather  a respectable amount of money ,that we have donated to 3 different causes.
A 700 euros to ELEPAP of Chania which is and organization who takes care of children with special disabilities
B 500 euros to the orphanage home of Agios Nektarios church  of Chania for  orphan children
C 500 euros to the school  board of Paleochora  so that they can fill the Diesel tank of the school heating system .

We thank everyone who participated ,donated , visited , of worked to make this event possible,and we wish we could do more for similar purposes in the future ,The next two days of the festival continued as usual with hundreds of people flocking to the Church receiving the blessing of the 99 Holy Fathers from the mystical ceremonies , and on the third day A crowd of few came to the festival of  St , John the hermit ,fresh steaks , mezes, wine, and Cretan songs sang by the local  residents kept us all company until the deep afternoon.

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