Saturday, 20 July 2013


Some people dreamed it, and some others lived it .   On 5th of July the Azogires Cultural association organized a rock night with no entry ticket, and all volunteers who came together to make the village (ROCK),

With head leader of the night , and very well organized DJ ,Horst Schaab, the night was a full success .He brought his amazing Rock music collection . A collection so vast and so well  organized ,that even the worlds most fanatic collector would be jealous of .

, ,
He and his wife Anna Maria have been active members of our   community for a long long time .But this time he surpassed him self .    He made azogires come to life ,  you named the song he had it people went wild dancing on the streets all the way until 1 am  ,and the last song he played was we gotta get out of this place and everyone obeyed .                                                                                                                            Our special guest of the evening was the one and only  ARCHIE LEE HOOKER ,with his gorgeous lady , he was amazed to hear  songs from his uncle John Lee Hooker ,it was a little surprise Horst was saving for him .

And at last we want to thank all the people who came  to rock with us and make us all feel like we were in a time machine going back to those glorious days. Ps I promise to upload some videos of that evening in the next days .

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