Thursday, 11 July 2013

BILL CLINTON 1998 2013

My dearest beloved friend it is 4 days since I lost you and the world has colapsed on my head.I have no more tears and my heart is ready to explode ,for some you were just a dog .But for me you were my friend when ever I was depressed you were there to help me when I was happy you were there to share the joy with me ,for 15 years you were my shadow and now I dont know what to without you .
No one ever trained you  but you still opened the house doors , you wiped your feet on the rug and you closed the door behind you ,when you were shot 01-01 2000 ,you lost some of those talents cause those cowards shot you in the head ,but you still were intelligent  ,I remember you sitting next to the fire with me keeping me company as I watched  evening films,the tim,all those countless times when you followed running next to the car ,all the way to Paleochora ,but still you refused to jump on the car ,the time that there was trouble at the hotel and you were biting your chain to go help my father,all the women you pissed on their legs and clothing , There are so many things I remember .Especially wh en you were born on Christmas day along with your other 6 brothers and sisters ,no one will ever forget your kindness and your true friendship .But cancer has taken you away from me living me alone once more .

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baBha said...

Jassou Lucky!

After quite a while i have visited Your nice blog.
And what terrible thing i had to read?!
I am so sorry for Your loss of Bill Clinton, Lucky! Yes i can really understand what You are going through! You remember my big friend Brian, the one everyone wanted to be taken photos with? He died 2006 and i am still missing him. Even if i have three other dogs.
I hope Ionna will comfort You. How is she?
How are You two together?

Well, Lucky, i am fighting to come back to my home of heart, kphth!, but the money situation isn´t good enough yet.
I hope one day i will manage to stay on Your lovely island for longer again .. or forever (while being 51 in a few days, "forever" isn´t that long anymore ..)!

Be strong, take care and my best wishes


Carlos (and Tove, who is in Norway)