Thursday, 29 November 2012


For years now, Ninian was a good friend, good neighbour and good guardian to me. His family brought him to the village 6 months every year. For those 6 wintermonths every day he was guarding his family and mine. He was the fluffiest, softest and sweetest dog around. But I don't want to refer to him as a dog, he was more like a human. Every day I would pass to go to my chickens, he would run down those stairs to give me a hug. When he was on the street taking his daily walk, and he would happen to meet me, in that moment his eyes would fill with joy, and he became a baby again, and he ran into my arms. Sometimes due to his massive size and his overraided love I would fall to the ground, as he would try to lick me, his way of giving me a kiss. A little bit less then a month ago he was eating a chicken bone. As dogs in Greece do. My dogs for example, have been eating chicken bones all their lives. But Ninian was not used to it, since his mammy and daddy raised him with European standards, so he got a little wound in his mouth, causing him to bleed. His family took him at once to a doctor to give him the proper antibiotics to avoid any infections. BUT THIS DOCTOR who I do not wish to express my real thoughts about him, found out that Ninian had throat cancer. A small tumor, somewhere near his main arteries of the neck. And he demanded that they bring Ninian back to him for surgery, so he could earn a miserable couple of hundred euros. They brought him back, gave him his surgery and returned him home. Ninian died that night next to his mama. He is buried and resting under Azogires' soil. We are all very sad, we will not get another dog like this. And everyone misses him. For me he is always alive in my heart. FAREWELL, DEAR NINIAN

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jean marc said...

A Tought for Diana and Arthur...:-(
jean marc and Meena