Sunday, 4 November 2012


A great success, not only for Azogires and Azogirians alike, but even greater success for all the fans and fanatic supporters of the author Julie Griffiths. We were all so excited for the 7th of October to come, cause it is not only one of the days of the festival of the 99 holy Fathers, it was also the day Julie Griffiths came to Azogires to sign copies of her book for friends and family. People that couldn't come gave a big list to Bob Tait also a very famous author of our area.
To buy books for them with special dedications straight from Julies hand and heart. We all got drunk with joy and happiness. Not to mention the raki and popcorn. Julie on her speach mentioned she is writing a second book 'THE NEW ADVENTURES OF LUCKY' which will be out by next year. Since her first book 'THE ADVENTURES OF LUCKY' is nearly sold out all over the world!


Af said...

Congratulations from the North Pole for the fine book there in Azogires. We can confirme that this special book was immediately sold out the first day here and above the Arctic circle: Simply because of the warmth, the sun and Lucky's unique gifts and his sense of humour which make the eskimoes here roll with laughter in the snow................................... Greetings from Finland to Julie Griffith and Mister Martin - and naturally - to Eftikis Koukoutsakis and especially his fine parents Anthony and Harriet and all the many, many interesting uncles ( we think we saw one gentleman uncle buying ice up here before it is all gone ) Xeretismata: Alexander ò Kallitechnis & Frank ò Architechnis

Anonymous said...

Hey mr Frank how are you and Aleksandros has he made any more paintings?? he is the best in his bussines ,yopu have all the love and respect of the Azogires people also

Af said...

To my friend 'Anonymous' - who must be Lucky himself, or in reserva Martin: Alex is fine, he just bought a house with a garden of his own here in Vaasa, western Finland. Aleko has usually best time to draw and paint when he is in Crete - and he will be back on the Island sooner or later. Around Christmas I will ask Avramakis in Sitía if the Green Panda is still able to roll on the beautiful roads on Crete, IF - i just can not imagine any other useful and economical car for the Island than the the old Fiat panda .IF it is still rolling as far as Azgires I will also be there next or following spring.
I have been studing piano music in depth and also Shakespeare. You can follow part of this on this LINK:

A very good idea for you and your sweet girlfriend is to open your own page in facebook, And after a few hours from now you send me a message andIi want to be one of your first facebook friends in Scandinavia. Eíne pára polí endiaféroun me to facebook... élla, tora to facebook sou!