Monday, 21 January 2008

The strangeness of Azogires and the Alpha Kafenion

Where it all happens -allegedly.

Just in case the earth does move for you, the seismograph in the museum will detect it.

Not sure what or why, but it was there by the path leading from the Hotel to the Monastery!

So, why doesn't the Alpha Cafenion sell Alpha beer instead of Mythos? I think we should be told!

So, why is what appears to be a sea anchor, currently located in the Cafenion about as far from the sea as you can get and 300 or so metres up in the hills?

The remains of yet another mill wheel.

Be very afraid!

If sufficiently provoved, and if he can be bothered to wake up, the Cafenion's guard dog will not only savagely wag his tail at you, but will also attempt to lick you to death! You have been warned!

Just to give you an idea!

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