Monday, 28 January 2008


There is a house in the old village with a strange story about it.

It is said that the Turks who had the house, on having it completed, murdered the Christian builders in order that the secret or treasure of the house, whatever it is, would remain secret. Apparently, before they killed the builders they made them run around the house on the promise that if they did they would not be harmed. However the Turks eventually killed them all

It was within this house that two Turkish brothers were standing by an upper floor window in their house arguing over how they were going to divide up the land between them when their father died. As the argument got more and more heated, one is said to have looked out the window and shouted, “Here come the Christians to kill us all.”

His brother turned round, pulled out a gun and leaned out of the window to see what was happening, only to be pushed out of the window.

As he fell he just had time to fire one shot up at his brother. He missed, but the bullet mark can still be seen in the window of that house.

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