Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Where am I?

A question often asked but usually the morning after a pleasent afternoon in the Alpha!

To be a bit more specific, you are in Crete (Kriti) the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean. The island covers an area of 8336 Km2 and is 257Km long and between 12 and 61Km wide.

To be even more specific, you are in the Alpha Kafenion, 369 metres above sea level, in Azogires, a village community 8 Km outside Paleochora.

Most specific of all, according to the best approximation on Google Earth, The Alpha Kafenion Azogires is at: 35°16’21.14N 23° 43’12.77E

Azogires is located in the Prefecture Chania, the Province of SELINO (one of four set up Chania in 13th Century by Venetians) and is part of the Municipality of Pelekanos.

Azogires currently has a population of approximately 50 people (and lots of goats) although in the past it had many more, people that is - we're not too sure about the goats!

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olivetree gene said...

" I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE" is usually what follows when realizing where you are.

Azogires is a place where time travels its own way and reality has a different dimension.

Why did I ever leave?

There are not enough tears for me to shed, not enough time to regret.

And I am counting the months, days, seconds, dreaming of returning.

Return i will.