Thursday, 1 November 2007


Welcome to the Alpha Kafenion Blogspot.

The aim of the blog spot is to inform those who don't know about Azogires who we are and what we offer and keep those who do know it, up to date with what's been going on here and in particular in the Alpha Kafenion.

As you may know, the Alpha Kafenion is located in an area of outstanding peace, tranquility and natural beauty, right in the centre of Azogires, just 8 km outside Paleochora in South Western Crete. Naturally we're very proud of our area, its history and its beauty and we delight in having the opportunity to share our pleasure with you.

Any comments about Azogires or the Alpha Kafenion, rude or otherwise, or photographs of us or the area will all be gratefully received and, if they are not too rude, might even be published here!

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