Thursday, 22 November 2007



The origins of black magic in the area.

In the old days some people used to use Solomonicgraphs. These were pieces of paper, papyrus or velum, leather, rolls with evil things written on them, that invited the devils to come and do work for you. There used to be some in the village but people just gave them away or threw them away because they were so evil; there are some in Chania Archives.

A priest in the village had one and he used it. His wife used to tell him to get wood; and he would get the devils to do it, she would say do this, do that and he would get them to do it.

Even though he was a priest he was doing this.

Then one day he said the wrong words to them and they wouldn’t leave. He then spent three days and three nights, or maybe four days and four nights, burning incense and saying prayers in his house before they would leave. He then went down to the river and threw the Solomonicgraphs in the water.

Legend has it that that’s how the people in the old days built their towers and big walls, but that’s just the legend.

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