Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Golden Pig


The Golden Pig

Down the hill below the road under the Alpha Hotel is and area called Saita - Arrow – Sagittarius for example – the ancient Greek word for an Archer.

This was an area known for its archery contests; because the land was flat that’s where they practiced archery. According to legend the prize in the contests was a “Golden Pig” and this is said to be still buried somewhere around here. However, only the blessed one will be able to see it and the man who reinstates the archery contest again or a clairvoyant will be able to uncover the “Golden Pig.”

Before Venetian times there was a battle between local clans (Families) there –families meaning a King and his people. It’s said that if you go out on a Thursday night at the right time and on the right night, you can hear the arrows flying passed your ears and if you meditate enough you can hear the sound of the battle still going on.

Many people have tried to find the Golden Pig – many people have failed – many people have claimed that they know where it is but it’s cursed and nobody can get it.
Nobody really knows the truth of what happened there, all they know is that people died for the Golden Pig that is still buried there; they only know that the final battle happened.

The olive trees in that area are dated to at least 2000 years old. The smallest olive tree is about one metre in diameter and they are planted one next to the other in lines around the outside of the clearing to leave the land clear for arrow fighting and training and target practice.

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