Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Come join us on a magical week from 13 until 19 September. in order to take part in one of Azogires most traditional  events. Spend 6 days with doctor Gerard Van Der Meer -.
Doctor Gerard is the most experienced grape therapist on the island. He has learned the ways of the old Cretans, the secrets of grape therapy. With him and his team you will work on one hundred year old vineyards, who are planted in sites that vineyards have been growing on for thousands of years .
 At the pressing   your feet will feel the warmth of the grape juice wrapping them as you stump    them  crushing the grapes one by one, the sound will relax you totally and will allow your inner energy to overtake your body    .The Joy , the adventure, the experience will be all yours.
You will taste Cretan cuisine , drink the wine of the G

ods and walk in the pathways of the old Cretan warriors. Feel the energy and learn more about Crete. 40 euro per day with meals and room included To take part contact us at alfacafenion@aol.com  or call at 0030 28230 41620  mob 6972138588

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