Tuesday, 18 March 2014


  A Philanthropic Bazaar was organized in Azogires  on the 8th of march Saturday morning . For the   Animal Organization  paws , who resides in Paleochora .
Paws has been on a sacred mission to rescue and protect every single animal of Paleochora and  the surroundings , they have been quite successful at this difficult mission ,with the help of Paws friends,  and the locals of Azogires , with their purchases or donations we managed to bring together around 250 euro that will help them send Amber the cutest sweetest  Dog dumped in our village  to her new family in the Uk  .
A special thaks to Dianne and Arthur who had  the courage to take  her in and look after her all this time , let hope it will be the last Animal left in our door step for we can not handle anymore .
 We the people of Azogires will stand by paws and its loyal members , at all means and we will support them in the future for similar activities  , cause we believe in a better tomorrow for all Gods creatures .

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