Monday, 16 September 2013


My birthday this year was rather special ,like every year my friends remembered me even though I never remember them . A day of someones birthday can be very emotional  when friends appear   out of nowhere  . to remind you that you are not alone , you are not alone  on this strange world .
And when a man stands alone on his birthday  he feels rather strange and then his friends appear to remind him he exists and that they care  ,  that is exactly what happened to me this year again .from Ioannas surprise to paint the cafe  garden wall with  a  beautiful desing  ,to John with his Violin playing the most emotional songs just for me  , to Ruth with her so special portrait of myself to Stavroula gorgeous sea compus and all those lovely milky ways brought just for me all the way from England , and allthough my parents put only 50 euros in my birthday card , due to the crisis :) I assume   which now holds our country captive . I was so happy that I felt like a kid again , and all I can say is thank you ,the cherry on the cake was in the evening when Auntie Georgia from Asfentiles came bringning me the most lovely Basil plant I have ever had . All I can say to all of you is thank you from the bottom of my heart I will try to remember their  birthdays also  ,but you know I am Greek and we take things very slowly , so slowly that we tend to forget  things ,our logo, is isos avrio isos methavrio - may be tomorrow may be the day after .


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