Saturday, 13 April 2013


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2012 Azogires music events  .As always Azogires doesn’t sleep  at night the people are wild and they like to rock ,some of these rocking nights  took place last year  it all started in the beginning of the year ,with Burkhard elger.A real blues man   giving food to our souls with his pationate music  , he really is a man with a  heart of Gold ,then   middle of august with the glorious return of my good friend John from England ,who is an excellent and  very stylish violin player  with his iver 100 year old violin that he rescued from the tip ,he came up one afternoon and gave joy to our ears and harmony to our souls .And that was just the beginning our very own Johnny Human  gave a concert  with his romantic and heartwarming accordion   ,the café filled with people to listen to this remarkable man play the  sounds of love ,life ,and romance , it was a very peaceful and relaxing night for all of us ,he had with him his son Patrick who is his personal manager and stage organizer as you can see on the clips below he has the managing talent from youth. Few days went by when a man appeared from nowhere with a guitar in his car ,and said can I play something we all thought why not    he might just be worth it , not to realize that he was the unique and most talented George Iakovou ,who can play ten different sorts of music and songs in his magical guitar, he played blues, jazz ,rock and roll, hard, and soft, Rempetika ,Cretan  folk modern Greek, and heavy metal. He had us all dancing rocking jumping screaming all night long , until its was time for bed and we could not stand any more , just by shear luck Archie Lee Hooker was vacationing in our paradise village with his lovely lady ,and he took the chance too sing with his total blues  voice along with Georges guitar  ,tears came from my eyes all though I managed to hide them  as I can never forget Archie and Carl Wyatt when they played at my place in 2011 ,turning my little ghost town in to a large city  of blues party animals . lets see what 2013 has in store for us you will find out next year .

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