Monday, 21 January 2013


Early January, a bright and sunny day, but yet, winterish chilly. We were all sitting in the cafe with nothing to do and wondering between us, who will be the first to have an omelet this year.. Who will be the first to do anything this year? For in Greece the first of the year matters a lot, it matters what kind of person steps into your place of business or your house for the first time. If the person who steps in to your house on the first first day of the year is pure hearted and generous, then your whole year goes well. Many shops hide behind the curtain and don't open their doors, others go to more ancient traditions such as going to church to bring an icon home or to the field to bring a new born baby lamb in the house, cause it is just born and pure and innocent. And the house will fill with purity and blessings for the whole year. Enough about traditions and back to our story.
As we were sitting a man road up the road on a bicycle, so it was obvious this man WAS THE FIRST BICYCLER OF 2013 to step foot on Azogires ground. He sat down and ordered an omelet. It was no other then the Famous Dutch Children Story teller Gerard Groenevelt. A man who's passion for story telling brings him cycling into the smallest villages of Crete to learn and compare new and old stories. A man who can tell you with the last detail the origins of a story all the way back to ancient Greece. So rightfully we presented him with the title and the prize of  FIRST CYCLER OF 2013 IN AZOGIRES.

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