Sunday, 11 March 2012


It was early Tuesday morning the week before last ,when I woke up to my surprise a snowy Azogires laid before my eyes . I took my camera and just started taking various pictures ,just for the Azogires book of records first I saw my father shaking the ice of the trees and cleaning the cars ,then the Goats freezing ,the sheep ?? well they were just being Sheep not even bothered about it, besides one little baby who was all alone I could here him shouting Mama its cold .Ofcourse by the afternoon there was no snow left .Thats the beauty of Azogires even in winter its Summer


Anonymous said...

wow, an Alpha winter wonder land,Hope all is well in the village .Yammas the free man

Anonymous said...

Hey free man Azogires is doing greqat thanks to its World wide supporters like you self