Wednesday, 21 September 2011


It was mid summer when my good friends Meena and Jean Marc came to Azogires for their summer vacation, along with two very famous musicians, or should I say music Gods, Carl Wyatt and Archie Lee Hooker. As they were relaxing on my veranda they turned around and said "Lets fill this place with life". So, whilst we got busy putting out posters for a Blues Night in Azogires, Carl headed out in search of a bass player and drummer, returning only hours before the gig with two very good musicians, Theo and Roberto, from the Greek rock group "Arrapao". With the right training from Carl Wyatt in just a few hours they became blues experts. As soon as people heard who it was all about they came storming to the village. Before long the road was blocked as people took to the street dancing. It went on all night long as no one could stop grooving in the blues rythim, especially when Archie sang his uncles song "Boom, boom, boom, boom". Everyones heart was pounding, the band was exausted and they wanted to stop playing but everyone kept shouting "More, more". People adored it, they were leaving little thank you notes on the tables saying it was the best night they ever had . The band did the show voluntarily, taking no money at all for their time and effort but simply enjoying to give life to the village once more in the best way anyone can imagine possible. For this I send from all the Azogirians a HUGE and heartfelt thanks. * we only say one thing guys we woship you, *

A few weeks later Johny Human, also a musician and a resident of Azogires, came down to the cafe with his acordeon and played for us all. The place filled once again only this time the street was not closed by dancers but by a future tai chi master who was here with Master Lydias Tai Chi group. He took his sword and, under the influence of Johny's music, he went out into the road and gave us a lesson or two in tai chi.

And it didn't stop there. Over the following days others came to just play too in Azogires, like my good english friend and artist John. He has restored a 100 year old violin and he plyed for us in the same spot where Carl Wyatt and Archie Lee Hooker had played only a few weeks before just so that we could feel the spiritual rythim of music once more. I can only hope that we will have more of these wonderfull evenings with Carl, Archie, Roberto, Theo and Johny whom we all love

The Band

Tai Chi with Azogires style

Johnny and his "manager"

You know it's true Blues when even the crickets approve

And the good times just keep on coming

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Anonymous said...

It was the greatest pleasure playing for you all!! There will be many more nights like that to come in the future!!

Carl Wyatt