Thursday, 2 September 2010


It was the second week of August when they ,the last of the Taichigans left our village and our heart broke ,to pieces such nice people ,such loving and caring group ,that they became a part of us, we all cryed as Giorgos the new taxi driver took them all away ,one by one ,in his first class jungle style taxi cab .This is one of the finest Taichi groups in this country led by master Lydia and master Yiannis we will miss you and hope to see you next year again.For more information on Taichi you can visit .


Anonymous said...

Good to see the woowoo is till alive and well in Azogires.

Anonymous said...

Oh its alive and well mate its alive and well

Craig and Carol said...

Hey that moustache is coming on well Lucky. Best wishes from England. Craig Carol Val and Brenda