Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Great Wall of Azogires

Reputed to be the only bit of Azogires that can't be seen from space, the Wall was believed to have been constructed by a gang of imported slave labourers at the behest of the mighty Cretan ruler Lu Ky as long ago as April 1st 2009. It's rumoured that several or more dead men, mostly from the clans Am Stel or Ou Zo, were buried in the foundations to bring luck to the enterprise.
The suggestion that the wall was built in honour of the ruler's favourite goat - Esmeralda - have yet to be proved, and doubt has been thrown upon the once held belief that the Great Wall of China was modeled on the Great Wall of Azogires - if only because the Chinese built theirs first.


Anonymous said...

Always thought you put the foundation with a rooster ouzo is for the weary brow once the task is done

Anonymous said...

so the wall was built by april fools.?