Monday, 20 October 2008


We had a visit from a renowned Poet and author from the UK, Mr Jim from Oldham,
and he donated these rhymes to us.


In peace on a hill far away from the crowd
I found this small place and I'll tell you out loud
It's a quaint sort of place full of old fashioned style
And you'd settle and like it if you stayed for a while.
There's no traffic noise, there's no radio blast
It's almost like living way back in the past
Where people are friendly, and genuine too,
If you want to find it here's what you must do.
Go to Azogires village on the Island of Crete
Go into the Alpha and get you a seat
And there settle back you will soon be at ease
The Alpha, in Paradise,
We need places like these.


I feel as though I've been adopted
By a village in far away Crete
The village is really quite tiny
It doesn't have a main street.

It's just a collection of Houses
And some rooms for rent up a hill
But there's quite a collection of Churches
And it's generally peacefull and still.

We can eat and we can drink at the Alpha
When we gather there most every night
Some folks play a game of Backgammon
And the otherfolk put the World right.

I only came here for a few days
Everyone made me feel at home.
That is just how I feel, I'm adopted
As if I should settle not roam.

I'm trying to go back there shortly
To renew all my friendships and then
I am sure that I'll really enjoy it
Again and again and again.

Shall I tell you the name of the village?
You might capture the feelings I got,
The village is called Azogires,
A wonderful, magical, spot.

Thank you Mr. Jim, any errors are mine. Come back soon we need you and your Poetry.

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lucky for you, you have a poet to write you a verse every now and then