Monday, 23 June 2008


Another peaceful Sunday in Azogires with the local tourists having a good time playing cards. This brought up old memories to the Cretan residents, so they went straight to it by organizing their own little card game. Here they are trying to get a Winner.

And of course the locals setting up their own game.

By coincidence we had a visit from an old traveler of Crete, Mr.Bernard, a man who has been traveling all around Crete on his motorbike since 1971 . He has visited even the most of dangerous places to be in the highest mountains and he has met 3 generations of Alfa Cafe owners; my grandparents, my parents and myself. He has been coming for many years and he has not missed one year of not coming to his favourite place, The Alfa Cafe.
Mr. Bernard enjoying a drink

Did I mention that he loves his cigars
And on this famous Paleochora post card from 1987, you can see Mr.Bernard on the backround and his motorbike.

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Anonymous said...

wow, how impressive. I know Mr. Bernard and I thing in his former life he was a cretan man. Hi´s so passionate about the cretan culture, about the cretan cooking and the people. The alpha kafenion can count lucky to have such a fan like Mr Bernard.