Friday, 8 February 2008

Where we are - take 2

Where we are

Suggestions that this is likely to be the only (possibly) accurate map of anything that you will find on the whole of the Island of Crete have been streneously denied .........but not, we note, by the Greek authorities!

Those visiting the Alpha will not only get the map but also the's printed on the back!


Fairly.Disturbed said...

Having a quick look at the map for any therapy centres that may be of interest should I visit

Lucky said...

You've got it the wrong way round; you need the therapy AFTER you visit.

Fairly.Disturbed said...

Before, during, after, it's all very confusing, as I am indeed. Exploration is certainly required at some point. I would like to see the smiling cave but am currently holed up in a different cave because it is far too cold and too early to emerge from hibernation.